Private Individual Sessions

Focused on your individual needs. Tutoring for a course you are taking, preparing for a stay in a Spanish-speaking place, or brushing up on grammar and vocabulary.

Learning Outcomes

These sessions are tailored to your individual needs; learning outcomes may include but are not limited to:

Interact and negotiate meaning in spoken, signed, or written conversations to share information, reactions, feelings and opinions (interpersonal mode.)

Essential Skills and Real-World Application: 

  1. Greet and leave people in a polite way. 
  2. Answer and ask a variety of simple questions. 
  3. Make some simple statements in a conversation. 
  4. Communicate basic information about self, others, and everyday life.


-Understand, interpret and analyze what is heard, read or viewed on a variety of topics (interpretive mode)

Essential Skills and Real-World Application: 

  1. Recognize words, phrases and characters with the help of visuals. 
  2. Recognize and understand basic information in memorized words and phrases. 
  3. Recognize and understand words and phrases learned for specific purposes.


-Present information, concepts and ideas to inform, explain, persuade and narrate on a variety of topics using appropriate media and adapting to various audiences of listeners, readers, or viewers (presentational mode)

Essential Skills and Real-World Application: 

  1. Present information about self and others using words and phrases. 
  2. Express likes and dislikes using words, phrases and memorized expressions. 
  3. Present information about familiar items and daily activities in the immediate environment. 


Let us know what your goals are in the “additional comments” section.

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  • Spanish Level Beginner-Advanced
  • Age Range Any Age
  • Lesson times Upon Appointment
  • Lesson days Upon Appointment
  • Pricing $30/hr

    In the 'additional comments' section, list several times and dates that work best for you. I will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible, and try my best to accommodate your needs.